She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. The time I was able to spend with her was only two days, and then she left my life. Completely and totally.

I have no way to connect with her now, and that is her choice, so I will respect it. Even though every day and every night it kills me a little more. A little bit more of my heart falls off like a leaf in the fall.

I remember the fall. It was the first time we expressed feelings for each other. My feelings are still strong, while hers have died away. I can only hope that they aren’t completely torn out of her heart yet, and that one day I can talk to her again.

Every night, I lay in bed alone thinking about her. I would do anything to have her in bed next to me just so I could hold her for a little longer.

I once said that she was red like my passion and my anger, but that’s not true. She is every color to me. I can describe her in all her forms and with any color. She is my everything, and I will let my heart wither until there is nothing left of it. Until it is completely gone, while I sit here and wait, chasing my rainbow.


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