How do you respond to bad news? Do you get angry? Do you get scared? What do you do? This is an honest question from me. I won’t get into the question of a higher power, but all I know is that I have been handed nothing but grief, and in completely random order. There is no plan. There is no answer.


I do not care to share what this post refers too, as I do not care to share most of the things in my personal life, because this is not a blog. This is a medium for writing in which stories are told about situations of unknown characters, in dire distress. There has not been one entry that has contained a hint of hope or promise. Just pain and suffering.


I only tell this story in the first person to show that no one can escape life and what pain it has in store for them. I do not claim to have more pain than anyone reading this. I can only speak to my own, which in my eyes comes quick and without end. Do not send your prayers, because I do not want them.


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