Bop City 2: TerroRising – A Review

cover of the album bop city by terroRising

Greetings Earthlings!!
It has been far too long, I know, since I shared my opinion on some of the fine artistic offerings that this galaxy has to offer. I was taking a much needed sabbatical, venturing about several distant galaxies, trying to find that lucky someone, or something, as I’m sure many of you can relate. Intergalactic dating is stressful though, and I’ve decided to get back to the basics. 
So, for my much anticipated return to the world of criticing, I’d like to share my feelings about a brand new album by the musical trio Terror Jr.
This album was just released here on June 16 in the year of your lord 2017. This is the second offering from the group, the first being an extended play entitled, as you may have already guessed, Bop City. Although there was a second extended play entitled Come First, this included mainly remixes, and as such I will not include it in my count of original material.
But back to the album at hand, Bop City Two. I happened to stumble across this album listening to a playlist of new music, when the track “Death Wish” came on. I was immediately enthralled by the vocalist, who told me that she was ” pulling up, no jump shot” and in my mouth ” like a cumshot”.
I am in love with this human. Her singing is so soft and sweet and you would never expect such a phrase to be issued from such a delicate angel.
But oh was I in for a surprise when I listened to the rest of the album. The songs are all relaxed, love songs but with a nasty twist. The lyrics are so real and dirty, and the contrast between the two is breathtaking to say the least. A few personal favorites of mine include IDWT, which stands for I don’t wanna talk, and is followed by the line “I just wanna fuck”. 
I am in love. But not because this woman is seemingly promiscuous, which is only observed through the eye of ignorance, but because she doesn’t give a shit about how she is expected to talk and what her lyrics are supposed to be about. Although, I’m not sure how much of this was the choice of the singer, whose identity remains a mystery at this time. The other two members of Terror Jr, Felix Snow and David “Campa”, are probably equally responsible for these lyrical decisions. 
No matter who made all of these genius decisions, the album expounds with creativity and uniqueness, and I believe that the ambiguity of the singer is a conscious choice, because I imagine that the first thought in everyone’s mind when they hear her sing and the stuff she is singing about is “Who IS this girl?”.
And nobody knows!!
She is the girl everybody wants to be with, but who personally doesn’t give a fuck about any of them. She is going to do whatever she wants with whomever she wants. On the track Sweatpants, which is another personal favorite of mine, she sings about fucking hos in her sweatpants, and how could she explain better about how much she doesn’t care what people think about her.
This album is incredible, in a word, and is a carefully crafted masterpiece. I encourage everyone who understands the Earthly way of music to give this album a listen, and prepare to be amazed.
Puck, back from the beyond, and as always, from Venus, OUT!!


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