You Were Never Really Here

you were never really there movie cover joaquin phoenix

Puck here, again everyone!! Greetings and salutations (Charlotte’s Web reference, no big deal). Film You Were Never Really HereĀ is a film for the true film fans. It is a thriller by any understanding of movie genres. But it is not… Click here to continue indulgingYou Were Never Really Here


The Neon Demon – A Review

movie cover of the neon demon with ellie fanning

This movie is a personal favorite of mine, as the style of cinema reminds me of how we told stories on my home planet. Although, we did not have movies per say, but whatever I’m getting distracted.   Ellie Fanning… Click here to continue indulgingThe Neon Demon – A Review

The End of the Tour – A Review

cover of the movie the end of the tour

September 12, 2008. The Earth lost one of the most gifted wordsmiths it had ever seen. I imagine that if David Foster Wallace had lived on my planet, which we are calling Venus but is exactly much, much further away,… Click here to continue indulgingThe End of the Tour – A Review