Dave Chappelle – A Review

cover of Dave Chappelle's netflix special

Greetings from the House of Atreides. I’m on another vacation enjoying the Dunes, eating spicy foods, just living that extraterrestrial life, you know.
This. Man. Is. Incredible!! He is the single greatest comedian of this generation, and that is because he is also one of the smartest. Dave Chappelle is on a “comeback” tour, if you could call it that. His presence in the world of comedy never went away, no matter how many comedians tried to make it.
Like many geniuses, he struggled with that intelligence and reconcilling it with the not-as-frequently intelligent interpretation that people made about his comedy. Where his subject material is actually a commentary on the racial tensions and the inequailities that have ravaged America for centuries and centuries, that same material is often misunderstood and used to reinforce the very tensions and inequalities that it sets out to ridicule.
Chappelle is not the one to blame for this. He is just far more intelligent than anyone has ever given his credit for, and the sublety and nuaicenses of his work is lost on the simpler minds of the priveleged and bigoted.
But Dave does not skip a beat from the moment he steps on the stage, and immediately reminds the everyone how much we missed him.
And we missed him a lot, if I do say so myself. Never one to shy away from self-depricating humor, he addresses the uncomfortable show he did when he first stepped back onto the public stage in Detroit. “I’m like Evil Knievel, I get paid for the attempt.” And believe you me, it was much more than an attempt.
Through out both hour long shows, there is never a moment when you find yourself not laughing. But in the way that only Dave Chappelle can do, you see the exhaustion and tiredness that an artist experiences when people, who claim to be their fans, tell them who they are and what their art means.
But Dave has decided that he just doesn’t give a shit about that anymore. Nor should he. Because anyone with even the slightest understanding of the talent and intelligence that Dave Chappelle has would do everything in their power to see this man live as many times a humanly, and extraterrestrially, possible.
Welcome back, Dave. You are the funniest man on the face of the third rock, probably even the second, fourth, and sixth. Fifth is another story for another time, believe me.
Puck. From Venus. Out!!!


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