digital drug lord by Blackbear – A Review

cover of the album by blackbear

The perfect counterpoint to the last album that I review, American Teen by Khalid, Blackbear gives us his own take on breaking up. And the anger and resentment is tangible. And also, captial letters are so overrated, so he gets bonus points in my book for leaving them out of the album title and song titles.
When I said that rhythm and blues was one of the greatest genres for music in this galaxy, I was understating the truth. There is so much diversity, and so much musical progression in the medium that it is only a matter of time before they take over, again, and again, and again. Blackbear brings the hurt and pain that comes with an ungrateful ex and sings about it for the entire album.
Oh, and he brings Juicy J in for a track. As if we needed another reason to love this guy.
With the opening song “hell is where i dreamt of u and woke up alone”, and in fact the opening line “my nose is burning” from all the coke that he did, you know what kind of album you are getting in too. He takes no prisoners, and pulls no punches. He is suffering, and he is letting the world know who caused that suffering.
And I would not enjoy being in that person’s shoes.
“i miss the old u” probably is the best song of the album, even though the hit song follows it. The gaping hole that is left inside after someone rips your heart out is made even more agonizing when you realize that the person that ripped it out isn’t the person that you thought you were in love with. Break ups are so difficult because they involve creating a new life, becoming a new person, and that isn’t something that is always pleasant or easy. Especially if you were forced into that situation by someone who couldn’t care less about it.
“do re mi” is the most well known track from the album, and it is so fucking real. “So fucking done with you”. Who hasn’t said that to their ex in their own mind? If you say that you haven’t, you shouldn’t be reading this because you have some life to experience.
This album is simply a big middle finger to a former lover, whoever and wherever they are, and it is a guilty pleasure of mine. Everybody needs to give into the anger and hurt that they feel sometimes, and the fact that Blackbear was able to make that into such a beautiful album really speaks to his artistry and ability to take his perception of the world and express it to the rest of us, as I have mentioned about several other artists before.
This album has been on my playlist for the past month, and I have no intention of removing it. Ever.
Puck, out.


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