in a flowering dystopia
where the wind blows
in any direction that will
bring about the most
discomfort to whomever should
find themself lost within
the craters and valleys
of the world filled with sin
black and decayed
no one escapes with their life
demons and hell spawn lurk
cut your throat with a knife
as the blood drips down
the blade and onto the floor
their cruel cackling laugh
comes to life with a roar
but hoping that’s the end
of your suffering is naive 
in this place you never die
you are granted no reprieve
to what hope will you cling
when you find yourself here
what savior will you bring
in your mind and to your heart near
no one can save you
lest they become trapped themselves
human devices are useless
and with them you’ll find no use
for deep within the darkness
there exists only one way to tear loose
deep within your own mind 
you will find this key
but until you are no longer blind 
it will remain a tear drop in the sea
to be free! to be free!
that is what all long to be
but how they are unwilling
to pay the price, accept it’s fee


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