This is a site composed of three sites that have recently been converted to a single blog. There is a variety of information, nonsense, and maybe something you might actually enjoy on here. The author’s are extremely diverse, and let me tell you personally, extremely sarcastic. Which makes my life a little harder, but also a little less ┬áboring. So please explore away at our new site, and please if you find something you like, let us know. We write because we enjoy it, and we want others to enjoy it as well, and even critique (at your own risk) haha. Don’t worry, I will be moderating all of the comments and suggestions that come in so you are safe. Thank you so much for taking the time to explore our site, and please enjoy yourself. Feel free to send over ideas also. We can post guest articles as well, giving you and your blog personal credit for the contribution. Writing is a way of connecting, and I hope we can all connect in the way these three have.



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