Introductory Remarks

As you may already be aware, I am not from your planet. I am what the laymen refer to as an alien. Although I would not define myself with such a term, I understand that it is how all others on Earth would define me. So there you go. I am from another planet. I won’t bore you with the details of which one because I’ve found that humans often refuse to acknowledge that solar systems and galaxies outside of their own actually exist. So for simplicities sake we can say that I come from Venus.
Venus bears no resemblance to my home planet, I just like the name. But what it does have in common with my home planet is that you definitely don’t know anybody from there. And in that sense, it is perfect for my purposes. Anyways, this blog I created will serve as a platform for me to review things that I want too. Movies, books, music, food, restaurants, anything I guess.
A friend of the human variety suggested I do something like this long ago, her argument being that my perspective about things would be unique and fresh because I would be the ultimate outsider. You know, because of me being from Venus. And I would tend to agree. My perspective is often very distant from that of the people I associate myself with. While I do not have any designs or ambitions for this blog, and I am under no delusions that it will shoot to stardom, I thought it would be a fun endeavor while I bid my time here on your planet.
So enjoy!! And please, if any of the content tickles your fancy, do like and share. Also, followers would be an amazing show of solidarity with your friendly neighborhood alien from Venus.
Oh, and I guess I should introduce myself properly with a name. My name is far too complicated to be translated successfully into the English language, so I will go by the name Puck.
Sending love and gratitude,
Puck from Venus


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