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My cat is named Mija. She is the center of my universe and I love her unconditionionally. I love her more than anything and anyone on the face of this Earth. She is only a year old, but she has raised me as if I was her child. She has taught me more about love and compassion than I could ever hope to learn on my own. Her curiousity and eager attentiveness is adorable, and she is never in a foul mood at me no matter how long I have been away from her.


Too often I am away from her for too long. I have not been a good kitten caregiver to her, and I intend to change that. I want to show her just as much love and affection as she has shown me. When I was moving out of my apartment recently, and I was worrying about where I would take Mija because I didn’t want her to be seperated from her brother Noel, but I also wanted her to come home with me. The only problem with the second option was that I have two pet dogs at home as well, Shasta and Boji. Boji is a cat at heart, and he would be the ultimate gentleman I am sure if I were to introduce the two of them right now. Shasta is a sweetheart as well, but she is a dog by nature, and she is more dog than even she can handle sometimes.


The more and more that I fretted about where to take Mija, the more people seemed to not understand. They told me it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t get to keep my cat. Quite the contrary, my friend. It would be the end of the world. Each day that I am seperated from her, my soul withers like a flower that has been shrouded in darkness for a month. And it is too often that the single day that we are apart stretches into a few days that we are apart, and then a few more. I can only imagine the toll that it has taken on her. I wish that I could take her with me wherever I went, but she is so afraid of the outside world. She is like me in that regard.


I wish that I could stay indoors all day every day, never having to venture out into the unknown and talk with people that I don’t know or do things that I haven’t done before. I want to stay cuddled up in my bed, reading a book and talking with Mija about this and about that. Oh what a perfect existance it would be for the two of us. But alas, life gets in the way of my plans. Life always gets in the way. And I am forced to leave my dear Mija for some useless endeavour that will only bring me loniless and sorrow.


But as the Man said, she is my warrant. If she is not the word of God, then God never spoke. The is no difference between human and animal, except in the mind of the former. If anybody were to look into the eyes of their furry, friendly companion and say that they do not see themselves they are afraid of who they really are. When a person says that animals are not sentient beings, that they do not feel pleasure or pain as we do, that they do not experience the world the same way that we do, I would have to agree. Because animals experience the world without hesitation and without regret. They go into each and every day as if it were their last, and they love like they have nothing to lose from it.


I wish that I could love like Mija does. But I can only love the way that I know how to, and hopefully I will get better with practice. But even though I have twenty-three years on her in terms of consciousness, she has decades on me in terms of life that is actually worth living.


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