Optimism in Retrograde

Having hope is such a stressful endeavor. How can a person get up each and every day and not think that things are going really bad? Just look at the news. This guy said that thing to this girl, or this country is disrespecting that country by doing this. Meanwhile the people that are actually suffering get dismissed with a soundbite. An honorable mention. And then it’s on to the next.


The next tragedy, the next catastrophe, the next disaster. There always has to be one. Even if one just happened and the fallout from it is still being felt, there has to be a new one. There has to be something constantly going wrong. Something that is so important that it needs you complete and undivided attention, for the moment anyway.


And don’t even think about paying any mind to the things going on in your own life. Your suffering is nothing compared to the rest of the world. Which, in honesty, is true. But it does not seem that way when you are experiencing that suffering. And it shouldn’t be diminished just because it isn’t as bad as something else. There will always be something that is worse happening somewhere in the world. But the life that you are living is also just that, your life. It deserves just as much attention as anything else.


Qualifying that last statement, it deserves just as much attention without completely taking over your focus. Just because you have problems doesn’t mean that the entire world needs to stop until you resolve them. Be aware of what is going on in other people’s lives too. Chances are that they will really appreciate you showing support, and will in all likelihood show you the same.


But alas, I have gotten far off topic. I don’t mean to tell anybody what to do or how they should live their life. I have just found that this is the way that I should live my own life. I have for too long either been too focused on my own stuff to notice that stuff happens to other people too, or too focused on the tragedies that occur daily throughout the world to notice that my own life is falling to pieces right in front of me.


Balance is key if you are to have hope. You have to keep your life balanced with the lives of the rest of the world. There cannot only be optimism. There must also be pessimism. A person cannot be expected to find the best possible outlook in every sinlge situation. That is a symptom of sociopathy. If you only experience one emotion, you really aren’t experiencing any at all.


Bad things happen. So do good things. And they happen to everyone. No matter what. So take the good with the bad, and help others do the same. When you suffer alone, you do just that. Suffer. Alone. That’s not fun and there is not a lot of room for optimism. But when you tell someone about your suffering, you aren’t just making them suffer as well. You are opening up the possibility of optimism.


I don’t know if any of this makes any sense, but I just wanted to write it all out. For myself. And I imagine that if it doesn’t make sense, people won’t read it. I could not ask for anything more. After all, this is a blog and I am the author of it. So my opinion must assuredly must come out at some point or another.


Any thoughts? Feelings? Please feel free to comment. I’m up for discussion on any of this.


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