Red Spice

ladle filled with red spice

The color red showed up in my life again out of no where. Just like a like a food you didn’t anticipate to be so hot. This girl contacted me out of no where, and I will or won’t deny whether she is the same color from bright red, only that the feelings that she provoked inside me were the same, except this time extreme and intense.

This is one of those blogs, and if you follow my work you will know what that means.

We began by exchanging emails, first just as friends. We agreed upon that, that it would be just as friends. But soon the spice kicked in, and the heat rose between the two of us. Soon the correspondence between the two of us turned hot and burning. Cayenne, if that were a verb. Eventually this lead us to meet together to go for lunch.

Again, I will or will not confirm if this is the same girl from bright red. But the first lunch was mild, tabasco if you will. We drove and parked in a parking lot and talked. Toward the end of the conversation, she hoped over the middle and sat on my lap. I couldn’t have dreamed that she would have done something like this. I knew that she wanted to kiss me, and I wanted to kiss her back just as badly.

I wasn’t as sure of myself, because I never am sure of myself, so I reach out and touched my nose to hers, and she did the same. And then I knew that the tabasco had turned to cayenne, probably even habanero. We kissed, and kissed again and it was something that I had long dreamed about but had never dreamed would happen.

But she had to go back to work, and I had to go back to doing noting of importance. And so I drove her back to work and we shared on last kiss, and then she was gone, the spicy finally subsiding.


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