Starboy by The Weeknd – A Review

cover of starboy by the weeknd

I’ve got two words. Holy Krypton. This album just will not let up. It clocks in at just over an hour, but you won’t even realize it’s been that long. The Weeknd is one of the greatest R&B singers of this generation here on Earth. Just look at the fact that he was able to enlist the help of the reclusive French duo Daft Punk on not just one track but two. Along with an army of other heavy hitters in today’s music scene like Future, Kendrick Lamar, and Lana Del Ray, this album is playing for keeps.
The number one track and number one solo brings Daft Punk and the Weeknd together in the titular song “Starboy”. It’s been four years since Daft Punk brought Earth Random Access Memories, and with “Starboy” you can tell they weren’t just laying around during that time. But the fun doesn’t stop there. The next three songs are bangers and do not let up for one second. “Party Monster” probably best represents the theme that the Weeknd had for this album as a whole. Pure shovanism and ego, and in his words “Bragging just sounds good, man”. That it does, that it does.
“False Alarm” is an uptempo song that will leave you five pounds lighter afterwards even if you are sitting still. “Reminder” puts all the humans back in check who think that they can define the Weeknd as another teen choice. He’s got that Hannibal Silence of the Lambo and nobody puts baby in a corner. We take a turn into the more soulful songs on the album with “True Colors” and “Sidewalks”, where the Weeknd shows that he hasn’t forgotten the music that he does best. Then he turns the tempo back up with “Love to Lay” and “Ordinary Life” to make sure we didn’t forget to have a good time.
The Weeknd is not only one of the most talented R&B singers ever, but he is one of the most intricate and groundbreaking artists there is. It’s easy to imagine that the artists that he drew inspiration from, like 50 Cent and the Wu Tang Clan, would easily draw that inspiration right back from him. He knows that he is good, but he doesn’t shove that in your face. Rather he looks at you with a grin, knowing that you know the same thing he does. I’ve had this album on repeat for the past several weeks. It never gets old or overplayed, and there is a reason for that. His name is the Weeknd.
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