Red Spice

The color red showed up in my life again out of no where. Just like a like a food you didn’t anticipate to be so hot. This girl contacted me out of no where, and I will or won’t deny whether she is the same color from bright red, only that the feelings that she…Read more »

Bright Red

Most of the girls that I have loved the most have not been the ones that wanted to be with me. With one exception, but never mind that for now. This next woman was probably the most recent, and also my biggest mistake. Not in the sense that the was anything wrong with her other…Read more »

Channel Orange

Is it possible to feel color? There is a word for it; synesthesia. Frank Ocean’s album Channel Orange is titled after this perception, as Frank Ocean feels color in a way that is different than most people. The color orange was the feeling Ocean had during that period of his life.   I remember the…Read more »

Yes Man

Yet another night that I think about far too often is one in which I’m pretty sure I know that I misplaced something, and even more unfortunately XXXX also misplaced something. Although neither of us were too upset about it, and I’m still not. In fact, I remember being somewhat glad to be rid of…Read more »