The Adderall Diaries Part Eight

(The following story is duplicated here verebatim from a handwritten journal. The journal is a blue composition journal, college-ruled, and Staples brand. The author of the journal is in the throws of a euphoric and dysphoric addiction with adderall. Speculation as to the author’s identity is intriguing, but better left discovered somewhere else)


I have always wanted to get a picture of John Frusciante tattooed on myself, so I am really looking forward to getting it done. I know two people that have gotten tattoos from **** and they both really liked the tattoos that they got. One girl that I used to work with got a huge tattoo on her back of like a huge cuckoo clock. It is really cool and it makes me way more confident that he will do a good job on any tattoo that I get from him. The other person I know that got a tattoo from this guy is ***** a guy that I used to work with. He got a tattoo of all tese sports teams and his dad’s name after his dad died. It is not the coolest tattoo that I have ever seen, but it is still pretty cool. All in all I feel pretty good about this tattoo as well. I haven’t thought much about which arm I want to get it on, but I’ve got plenty of time to chose. I’m leaning towards left just on my first thoughts on it.


Althought I do have a tattoo on the inside of my left arm. I wouldn’t want it to get int he way of the tattoo that I am getting. But I do have to consider that I will have the new tattoo on my right elbow which is probably going to get in the way. It actually way more likely to get in the way than the tattoo on my left arm. Maybe I should get the elbow tattoo on my left arm, saving more space for the John Frusciante tattoo on my right arm. That would also open the opportunity for *** to fix my sparrow tattoo in the same sitting. Maybe that could also save me some money not having to make a second appointment and I wouldn’t have to wait. Definitely something for me to think about.


Other tattoos that I would like to get but haven’t made an appointment with anybody to get or made any other steps to get are teh ahimsa hand on my chest, probably the left pectoral. *** would probably do a really good job on a tattoo like that. I also have never met ****, and I have met *** and he is a cool guy. The quote from Romeo and Juliet is pretty easy for anybody to do, so it wouldn’t be that hard to get it done. I’m not sure where I want to get this one, but some places that I have thought of are on my leg, like on my calf. That’s really the only place that I’ve thought about getting it. I don’t really know where else I would get it. I would also like to get the quote from the Road. I have no idea where I would get it. A Daft Punk tattoo is another one, maybe something from Pulp Fiction. The Skrillex symbol that like three bars I would like on the back of my elbow.


Or maybe somewhere else because I might want to get both my elbows done by ***. Maybe on my ankle for that one. I would like to get a bunch of tattoos all over. I will also like to get some ear piercings or at least I think that I would like them. I am worried that they would make me look stupid or douchey. That would be the only thing that would keep me from getting them. I should get some like fake earrings to see how they would look. Maybe I should limit the amount I spend on tattoos and things of a cosmetic nature. That would be a good plan no matter what, because I need to be more careful with my money anyway.


The biggest drains on my money are eating out at work and books and other things on Amazon. Limited to only $10 a day, I would only spend $140 every two weeks. Obviously I would have to adjust to going grocery shopping maybe once a week, and then not spending money on several days to make up for it. If my paychecks are eight hundred every two weeks, and then I subtract two hundred each paycheck, seventy for my phone bill, thirty for Mediacom and twenty bucks for our rental insurance, that leaves over four hundred for grocery shopping and other expenses each month. Properly budgeted I should have money left over at the end of each pay period. Paying for gas is a priority and I should plan to spend one hundred and twenty dollars a paycheck for it.


That leaves about two hundred and sixty for food. Still, properly budgeted, I should have money left over each paycheck. That is a good goal to have and to limit my excess spending. Each paycheck should last me the entire two weeks, and I shouldn’t have to borrow anymore from my mom or ******. I also shouldn’t have to be completely broke for days because I wasted all my money on Amazon and food from Whole Foods. I have more than enough books to keep me occupied for many, many months without getting bored. Also, bringing my lunch to work will be good for my health and stress of having to leave for food. First, I think I want to work on my Vincent Bugliosi books about John F. Kennedy assassination which are both really long. I also need to manage my time better, doing chores arond the apartment to keep it from getting out of control. I need to start working out again, every day. This will help with my anxiety and depression and just my overall wellbeing.


to be continued . . .


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