The Neon Demon – A Review

movie cover of the neon demon with ellie fanning

This movie is a personal favorite of mine, as the style of cinema reminds me of how we told stories on my home planet. Although, we did not have movies per say, but whatever I’m getting distracted.
Ellie Fanning is becoming one of the most talented actresses in the 2010’s. Since her role in Maleficent, I have been amazed by her abilities. She truly shines in this role, and it is not just because of all the neon signs in the film. She plays Jesse, an underage teen who travels to Los Angeles to become a model. As she begins to attract attention from photographers, some who may or may not have nefarious intentions, the other models who were the young attractive teens before her begin to grow increasingly jealous. Fanning oozes insecurity as she attempts to make friends with the other girls, and you can feel how uncomfortable she is in her first photo shoot so much so that you may have to look away.
I know that this is a movie that not everyone will find enjoyable, as it is very abstract and I must very more than a little confusing. But I’ve tried time and time again to find every single hidden meaning in movies like this, and I always feel like I am missing something. With this film, I just decided I was going to take it as it was and I found that it was much more enjoyable, and made me feel a lot less idiotic. But hey, I am from Venus so there.
Nicolas Winding Refn is the type of filmmaker that doesn’t care if you like his movies or not. What he cares about is making a movie that is visually stunning and cinematically breathtaking. He cares about the art of film, using it as a medium to express his perception of the world. Look at his previous films “Drive” or “Only God Forgives”. Not a single traditional cinematic storytelling technique is used. He plays by his own rules, and makes the movies that he wants to make.
And he succeeds.
Another stand out performance in the film can be seen in Jena Malone, of “The Hunger Games” fame, portraying Ruby, an aging has-been model who attempts to befriend Jesse when she first moves to L.A. At first appearances she seems like the only nice person in the modeling industry, offering help and guidance to Jesse when nobody else will give her the time of day. As the movie goes on, you begin to see that she is desperately clinging to Jesse because she used to be her, the young attractive model that everybody wants to work with. The desperation and envy are almost imperceptible from Malone, and she wants it that way. Her performance in this film may just be the best performance of her career thus far.
Oh yea, and Keanu Reeves is in the movie. Pretty sweet, I know.
Puck from Venus, out!!


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