As the editor the material in this blog thus far, I have remained anonymous. However, with the amount of material I plan to be working with I have decided to add an additional member to my team. Jake Hanson will now be an author/ editor on this page. He will remain the face of this…Read more »

People You Can Count On

When it comes to recovery, there is an emphasis on finding a good support network and letting them help you along the way to your recovery. This is mostly indicated for people with addictions, such as alcoholism or drugs. But it is also advocated in depression and anxiety as well. What I have learned from…Read more »

The Way Back to Zero

Waiting for change to occur in my life has not proven be a very prosperous plan. I am unable to keep doing things the way that I have been doing them and hoping for them to change. It will take an active role on my part in order to get back to Zero. From there,…Read more »

Solitary for Twelve

Another memory I have of one of the girls I have written about is the day she walked away. She told me she needed a year. She was in love with someone else, someone who had been in her life much longer than me. I knew she was never coming back. I remember that phone…Read more »

The Team

Jake Hanson

I am a graduate of Iowa State with a B. A. in Religious Studies research and am also working on B. A.'s in Political Science and English through Arizona State online. I reside in Iowa, and write almost constantly. Unfortunately not all of it makes its way onto my blogs, but I intend to start producing content more frequently to further my career as a freelance writer, or even just to have a hobby that I love.